LAMINATE (PLASTIC)– has come a long way! We offer a collection of hundreds of affordable plastic laminate designs for your kitchen, bathroom, entertainment area etc. You can choose from wood specie patterns to luxury collections that allow you to experience the look of exotic stone/granite.  Please visit or showroom and check out these brand websites for additional information.

SOLID SURFACE (HIGH PERFORMANCE 100% ACRYLIC) –  came to the market in the late 1960’s. It is an American classic that offers unlimited design possibilities and hundreds of colors. It is easy to maintain and keep clean. It is warm and inviting and never goes out of style. It is known for its beauty and durability. Most solid surface brands offer a 10 year warranty! And when you combine a solid surface countertop with a sleek integrated solid surface sink, you have a virtually invisible, impervious seam with and attractive long term value. Please visit or showroom and check out these brand websites for more information.
GRANITE –  This surface is resistant to heat, scratches and stains.  Granite has an infinite variety of patterns, specks and swirls.  This versatile surface can accommodate any sink style and brings a high end look to your kitchen.


QUARTZ –  Quartz is non-porous and incredibly hard.  This material is great for any lifestyle.  There is no need to seal this surface, it is naturally mold and mildew resistant.  Several beautiful styles are available!